The olive tree

November 15, 2017

The Palestinians, especially those who live in the north of the Western Bank, have a blood brother, an inseparable brother.

This brother has sap instead of blood and he grasps to his land as the Palestines do.

His trunk and branches design unlimited shapes.

Lovers tangling in the night,
Cathedrals of multiple styles and sizes,
Cavities and reliefs that draw story characters.

It’s a tree of infinite wisdom.
A tree that saw us when we were born, a tree that will see us when we will pass away.

The olive tree does not need much but it gives a lot.
The tree is never thirsty, it’s strong and it’s not afraid of the sun.
It’s a generous tree because of its shadow and its branches full of olives.

Its brother, the Palestinian, does not need much but it gives a lot too.
As the olive tree, he’s generous, strong and brave.

They are good brothers and they understand each other, they respect and they look after each other.
It’s a beautiful relationship that I love to see.

Thanks, brothers.