The most beautiful landscapes from Myanmar

June 3, 2018

On this post, I want to share with you some of the most amazing landscapes I saw in Myanmar.

Let’s walk across rice fields close to Kalaw, make a tour in the Inle Lake, take a balloon in Bagan, climb hills in Mrauk U and enjoy some beautiful spots in Yangon, Sittwe, Hpa-An, Kaladan river and Myinmahti.

Let’s continue knowing this golden land together!

Enjoy and feel free to leave your comments below 🙂

Tip: click on the pictures to enlarge 😀

Region of Myinmahti and Kalaw

This is a sunrise in Myinmahti, a small village where I built the first mandala medicinal garden of Myanmar.

I spent some days in a traditional farmer house in Myinmahti. This is the view from the balcony. If you are interested in being hosted here you can drop a line at the following email address: (or send me a message)

One of the most exciting activities I did when I was in Myanmar was a trekking (almost 25 km!) through several small villages. I could meet nice people and know more about their way of living, it was a great experience! This is one of the views.

myanmar trekking travel

Soe Win was my guide during the trekking and sometimes I had difficulties to keep his pace!
On top of that, he was wearing slippers!

Myanmar landscape

Another outstanding view during the trekking.

Myanmar landscape

The beauty of the green fields splashed of pink trees makes the trekking much easier.


Myanmar bagan balloon sunrise

Bagan is one of the hottest touristic spots in Myanmar but if you like photography this place is still more interesting.


Because of its stunning sunsets and sunrises on a green plain with more than 2000 Buddhist monuments. Some people like to have a ride on a balloon but it was out of my budget so I enjoyed the view from the ground… or from a pagoda roof 😉

Myanmar bagan sunset

Myanmar bagan travel

Myanmar bagan balloon sunrise

Inle Lake

Mandalay myanmar sunset sky yellow

I took this picture when I was visiting the U Bein Bridge in Mandalay. The yellow sky during the sunset and some birds attracted my attention.

Inle lake sunrise myanmar

Inle Lake is another well known touristic place in Myanmar. The fog in the first hours of the morning is quite normal and brings a mysterious touch to the landscapes.

Inle lake sunset rice fields

Around Inle Lake there are many rice fields that reflect the sunset lights like clean mirrors.

Inle lake myanmar fields

The soil around Inle Lake is quite fertile and it’s highly appreciated by the farmers. When I went there, I visited the guys from Future Organic Farm who are doing an amazing job in educating and training farmers across Myanmar about the advantages of organic farming compared to conventional agriculture.


Hpa-An is another nice place to spend some days. Beautiful landscapes, caves, monuments and nice people can be found over there.

Hpa-An sunrise

Sunset or sunrise? This picture confirms that sunrises can be so outstanding than sunsets 😉

Hpa-An cave

In Hpa-An there are several caves that are worth it to pay a visit. On top of that in some of them, you can take a boat and enjoy the view!


Yangon harbor sunset

Some parts of Yangon harbor are quite interesting… I enjoyed sitting in a spot and observe the life going on in front of me.

Kaladan River

Kaladan river sunrise

The trip through Kaladan river to meet the Chin tribe and the woman with tattoed faces is one of my favorites memories from Myanmar. The riverside is stunning, especially if you arrive before sunrise.


Sittwe myanmar harbor

Sittwe harbor at 6 am is a crowded place where people rush to sell and buy fish that arrive at the quay in small boats.

Mrauk U

Mrauk U Myanmar landscape

Mrauk U is the little brother of Bagan however, it has its charm. Much less touristic (also due to the sad conflict with the Rohingya) and with hundreds of pagodas and temples spread on hills and valleys. It’s a magical place that will remain engraved in my heart for many reasons 😉

Mrauk U Myanmar landscape

Mrauk U is wilder than its big brother Bagan and that makes it a unique place to enjoy long walks and beautiful views from the top of the hills.

Mrauk U Myanmar landscape

Sometimes the vegetation makes difficult to spot the monuments. How many of them do you see here?

Bagan balloon temple myanmar

I end this post with another shot of Bagan!
I hope you enjoyed the ride!

Next post is the last one about Myanmar and I will talk about traditions.

Stay tuned!

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