August 31, 2017

At the beginning of the summer 2017 I got an invitation from my friend Chris to join him in Switzerland some weeks later. He was planning to go to Odro, in the Verzasca valley (South of Switzerland at 1240 meter above sea level) to help a friend.
His friend Tobias together with his girlfriend Franziska took over an amazing project over there and they needed some help with the garden, animals and other stuff.

I joined them some weeks later and I spent 4 days in that beautiful place.

The access is a nice hike path starting at the small village of Vogorno.

I really enjoy the quietness of that place as well as the contact with nature in different ways.
Tobias and Franziska offer cozy traditional stone houses that were used by peasants who harvested hay on the sloping fields. They breed a very unique race of goats from the region and they have a couple of donkeys Marolo and Zingra that help them with the transport of supplies from Vogorno.

I’ve never seen the goats so friendly. They behave like dogs!

My friend Chris started working on the garden and suggested to make a 18-days compost pile following the instructions from the permaculture guru Geoff Lawton.

It was a great experience and we added a lot of nettle! Chris took care of the pile for 18 days and the result was not bad at all given the fact it was the first one!

There were many hikers at that moment of time so I slept in a small tent with an outstanding view

I also met Chris’ girlfriend and her daughter Smilla, a cute 4 years old girl who only speaks German. I can barely speak German so the communication was through signs.

One day they left me alone with Smilla for a while. She took my hand and we started climbing up a hill. While we were climbing I remembered that film by Alejandro González Iñárritu, “Babel” that represents how difficult human communication can be. However 15 minutes later we were rolling on the grass and getting fun without realising that we couldn’t understand each other.

I captured a moment of that crazy childish precious moment.

Thanks Smilla 🙂