Compare experiences

Introduction: The sweet Diana is a student who was collaborating with CORE at the moment I was carrying out my mission in Palestine. She helped me with the organisation of the visits and with the translation of my report. She is intelligent and I hope she will get a scholarship to continue studying and enhance her skills to help the Palestinian farmers in the near future.

Date of birth

City of birth
Jenin, Palestine

1. What makes you smile in life?
When I see mom’s smile and seeing mom and dad together

2. What are you afraid of in life?
Losing people I love

3. What is your passion?
Drawing and studying science

4. What would you like to change in your life?
Mom and dad relationship to get better

5. What do you regret the most in your life?

6. How many hours a week do you normally work?
I work and study most of the week except the weekends

7. What is the thing you would like to do or see before you die?
To travel around the world

8. What is your view of the future of mankind?
There is something great about to happen that will change all this mess we are living

Diana´s hands
Diana´s hands