Cho Nenh

Cho Nenh

Cho Nenh

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Introduction: The relationship between this man and his daughter is just beautiful. The connection between both is something that I will probably never forget. A magical energy flowing between both... creating a unique and impregnable world that can be only be enjoyed from the outside. Cho works as farmer in a tiny village not too far away from Luang Prabang, Laos. He wants to practice organic farming and he's enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge and continue learning. He's part of the HEPA network.

Date of birth

City of birth
Pha no vam, Vietnam (but currently living in Nonghouay, Laos)

1. What makes you smile in life?
To feel strong and healthy enough to work on the fields, to do organic farming. To get money for my children also it makes me happy.

2. What are you afraid of in life?
I’m afraid of not managing the farm properly, especially in terms of marketing and selling my products later on. 

3. What is your passion?
My passion is my family… and I really enjoy the time I spend with my family before going to work in the farm.

4. What would you like to change in your life?
I would like to start cultivating medicinal herbs and include it to my main activity that is organic farming

5. What do you regret the most in your life?
I regret to spend so much time in the city. It doesn’t make me happy and on top of that people take advantage that I’m not in the village to steal my animals or part of my land.

6. How many hours a week do you normally work?
Full week

7. What is the thing you would like to do or see before you die?
I would like to see my children taking over my work in organic farming and see how they improve the yield

8. What is your view of the future of mankind?
A change needs to be done. The new direction has to be set from the villages. The results of this new direction will be then spread across the cities and the change will take place. It’s still possible.

Cho Nenh´s hands
Cho Nenh´s hands